Insurance / Insurance Coverage

Each insurance company has multiple plans, which cover different services. 
Professional services covered by your insurance company are not determined 
by our office. If your insurance coverage is through an employer, the benefits 
are determined by the contractual relationship between your employer and the 
insurance company. Some plans require referrals; some require that you use 
only doctors and therapists on a preferred provider list. It is your obligation 
to know the benefits and limitations of your insurance plan. The best 
person to explain the benefits of your policy is the benefits coordinator of your 
company. If you own your insurance policy directly, you should contact the
insurance company using the member number, which is usually located on
the back of your member card.

Our staff will do their best to help you by verifying your benefits
and obtain the needed authorizations. You are responsible for medically
necessary services rendered but not covered by your insurance company.

If You Have HMO Insurance

Most HMO insurances require a that you obtain a referral from your Primary
Care Physician (PCP) to seek medical care outside the PCP’s scope of practice.
 It is the patient’s responsibility to know if a referral is required and if
 so to obtain one as needed.

What is Flex Spending?

Flex spending is program created by the government which allows you to
put away pre-taxed dollars in an account for use on medical care. Generally
speaking, the money must be allotted the year before use, around November
or December, and must be used by the end of the year. It has the advantage
of allowing you to spend tax free dollars. If used at the beginning of the year
you also get a year loan without interest – a two-fold benefit.

Do I Have Flex Spending?

Consult your benefits coordinator to find out if your employer offers Flex
Spending account.

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